Canada - Egypt International Trade Expo .

As the first Canadian - Egyptian exhibition concerned with developing and consolidating Canadian - Egyptian relations, the Canadian - Egyptian International Exhibition represents an important focal point in the fruitful cooperation between Canada and Egypt and becomes an important driving force to enhance the vitality of the international economy and trade. The communication and friendship between both countries has formed a basic pillar of the two countries' cooperation, culminating in recent years with an unprecedented number of agreements and memorandum of understanding in areas including economy, trade, investment, science, technology, infrastructure, etc., to contribute effectively to the efforts of development, construction, and desired development that the two countries aspire to. Economic ties are an important component of relations between Canada and Egypt and are based in their essence on mutually beneficial cooperation, as Egypt is keen to open new markets for its products in foreign markets, especially the huge Canadian market, while Canada opens its doors on a wider scale to Egyptian goods, especially agricultural crops . This alignment was embodied in the cooperation of the two sides in the implementation of many major development projects in which Canadian companies participate in a distinctive role, providing their expertise and technologies in multiple fields and providing job opportunities for Egyptian youth. The Arab proverb says ``the friend before the road``, and based on this, the two friendly countries Canada and Egypt will continue to make persistent efforts to achieve more aspirations and common aspirations in development, and expansion of cooperation horizons between them and write a more beautiful chapter in their comprehensive strategic relations.

Canada - Egypt .

We will continue to strive for a strong and vibrant partnership between our two countries. Two-way trade between Canada and Egypt has been growing in recent years and in 2018 totalled $1.3 billion. Canadian exports to Egypt were $395 million in 2018 and top Canadian merchandise exports to Egypt were iron, steel, and leguminous vegetables. Gold remains Canada’s top import from Egypt, making up nearly 90% of the total in recent years. Other significant imports include textiles and clothing. Significant two-way investment exists with Canadian direct investment valued in the billions in the Egyptian chemicals sector. Hundreds of millions have been invested by Egypt in the telecommunications sector in Canada. Key growth sectors of interest to Canadian companies in trade and investment include: agriculture, food and beverages, information communication technology, education, forest industries, oil and gas, mining, and service industries and capital projects. The Canada-Egypt bilateral relationship is a mutually respectful and beneficial partnership, founded on a common interest in peace, stability and security in the Middle East, development cooperation, cross-cultural understanding and growing trade relations.


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